What is LABS?

Making real estate accessible for everyone.

Liquid Assets Brokerage System (LABS) is disrupting multiple industries at once. Powered by LABS ecosystem, and token through decentralized finance (DeFi) and governance, we're disrupting the real estate industry investments in the largest asset class.

and Vision

Our mission is to make real estate accessible to everyone by using Web3 to make transactions through digital assets, bridging the industry with blockchain technology, and partnering with property developers and operators globally. LABSGroup aims to pave the way for retail and accredited investors alike to access borderless investment worldwide with a higher potential liquidity through secondary markets.


For property owners

Raise capital easier
By tokenising your property with blockchain technology, it's possible to raise capital without financial intermediaries.

Go global
Blockchain allows for borderless investment, which means everyone can invest in real estate projects across the world.

For Investors

Worldwide asset owner
Investing would be available not just in your region but on a global scale. Blockchain allows users to build a global real estate portfolio by investing in real estate projects across the globe.

Fractional ownership reduces barriers to entry and lowers costs. Allowing more retail investors to participate in real estate markets that were previously closed to non-accredited or UHNW individuals.

Instant Transactions
Blockhain removes intermediaries and allows peer to peer transactions, allowing what used to be an illiquid asset such as Real Estate to be traded on the blockchain. Each transaction is trackable and fully transparent for auditing purposes.