LABS is a group of real estate and blockchain specialists based in Hong Kong with presence in China, US and Europe. LABS has global partnerships in both blockchain and real estate, including USA, China, Europe, ANZ, SEA, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

LABS stands for Liquifying Asset Backed Shares and that spells out its vision and mission.

LABS is Real Estate Digitalization Ecosystem. The group consists of an advisory business, am issuance and crowdfunding platform, as well as a licensed digital security exchange. Platform and exchange are fully built on blockchain.

LABS strives to disrupt Real Estate investment by changing the way people invest in real estate and the way project owners raise their funds. It is also LABS vision to encourage financial inclusion and allow more people to protect and grow their assets.

Real estate is the single largest asset class valued at about 228 trillion USD according to a recent HSBC report. While it is an undeniably important asset class, it is highly illiquid. Real estate also has high cost of entry and hence not accessible to most or many people. Transacting real estate also incur high direct and indirect costs, likewise in managing the properties themselves.

More detailed explanation can be found in the LABS whitepaper.

LABS is the first project to introduce the G.A.I.N.S model on its utility token, namely:

  1. Governance

  2. Access

  3. Incentives

  4. Nomination

  5. Staking

All these details can be found on our whitepaper and this strong combination will bring great value and rewards to our backers.

LABS tokens are utility tokens in the first place, which will have great liquidity listing on many utility token exchanges.

You can choose to stake the tokens in the reward sharing pool for rewards sharing or not to. Hence, LABS tokens can both tailor to backers who have stronger preference on token price appreciation as well as those who care for more streaming rewards. Either way, one supports the other in our well-designed mechanism.

LABS Real Estate Digitisation Ecosystem comprises of 3 layers, namely Advisory and Project Management, Issuance and Crowdfunding Platform, and Digital Security Exchange. All are focused on the real estate verticals.

The crowdfunding and exchange platforms would allow fractionalisation of real estate and hence lower the entry costs by selling each part as low as 100USD. Our integrated Defi (Decentralised Finance) components will further improve liquidity and offer leveraging options as well.

Fully utilising blockchain and digital currencies in our design will allow seamless and low cost value distribution, including rental yields from the real estate projects.

LABS ecosystem resolves funding issues both at the project owners’ ends and retail investors’ ends.


LABS strive to be the largest real estate digitisation ecosystem and become a significant player

LABS is in the business of digitising real estate, making it easy and hassle-free for people to invest, hence encouraging financial inclusion and fulfil people’s dreams in own global real estate portfolio.

Along the process, LABS resolves the biggest challenge faced by the real estate industry: illiquidity. In business, we all know that if any business that can resolve pain points and meet demands, it will be heavily rewarded. LABS, being a blockchain business, believes in decentralisation and that includes sharing its earnings with its backers.

Real estate is a traditional business. Blockchain is a tech business. Finance is about complex structured products. You need a well balanced team that has comprehensive knowledge in these areas. LABS team has it all.

LABS is a full ecosystem that includes primary and secondary issuance while integrating defi components to further enhance liquidity.

We accept BTC, ETH and USDT/USDC.

We accept all backings from ALL countries EXCEPT the following list: