Staynex is a next generation vacation membership platform that gives members the usage rights to resorts globally on an annual basis, and the ability to earn rewards by holding onto the membership. By using blockchain technology, we are able to tokenize 'stays' and to embed them onto Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which represents your membership and a number of nights allocated to you at the property.

Our NFTs are called Staynex Passes, and this gives our holders

Guaranteed Stays at the Property Annually

Build a collection of Stays at properties globally

Earn Rewards from Property Operations and Platform Transactions

Live around the world

Trade, Sell or Rent Unused Stays

As for Resorts & Hotels, this enables them to

Maximize their occupancy and revenue through membership programs

Target a separate group of customers

Reduce marketing costs compared to traditional timeshare

Achieve global reach and exposure through Staynex Global Partnerships

Customized Loyalty Program that encourages traveling

Negate intermediary costs on sales channels

How does it work?

We believe there isn't a product in the market which perfectly blends real estate and vacations together. As we know properties generate revenue by selling 'nights' to travellers and vacation goers. Resort and hotel owners have the ability to create and customize their own Passes by allocating a percentage of nights out of the year of their entire property portfolio to be minted into non-fungible tokens.

By holding these SPs, you will be entitled to stay at the property depending on the balance of available days on your pass. Unused room nights will be sold to the public, and profits generated will be distributed to the SP holders. Allotted nights are renewed every year.

Benefits of owning an SP

Owning a Staynex Pass is like owning a slice of the property. It's like owning that villa you've always dreamt of in Bali or that ryokan in Japan, but without the worries of managing the property itself and you get to live in it every year.

Here are some of its biggest benefits

Your annual allotment of nights is replenished every year.

We let you decide what to do with your time. You can relax, explore, curate your own adventures and stay with us any time of the year.

SPs is determined by regulations where the property is based. If the property is freehold; the NFT is valid forever. If the property has a 30-year lease; the NFT is valid for 30 years.

If the property is sold, investors will be given a choice to cash out with profits generated or the choice of swapping with another NFT of the same value.

When you invest in real estate, you generate yield by renting it out. The same works here. Yield is determined by unused SP nights.

For example, John purchased SP30 and uses 20 nights out of 30.

- Yield for that year is determined by: Unused SP Nights / Total Room Nights x Resort EBITDA = Yield Transparent accounting and professional management ensure that the property is well-taken care of. Yield distribution will be done at the end of every fiscal year after account audits via USDT or airdrop to a fiat of your own choice, crypto or USDT.

The Residence Pass represents your stake in the property. If you own 30 days out of 365 days, the value of your NFT is 8.2% of that said property and rises with capital appreciation.

Staynex is the only NFT currently available that is backed by hard assets, and Gravity is proud to say that this is the only NFT that will NEVER go to zero.

Own real estate minus the hassle.

No maintenance fee. No annual fee. No membership fee. No utility bills. No closing costs. No admin fee.

It's your property. Let us take care of the details. Accounts are audited, profit sharing is made transparent and your yield is transferred to your NFT.

Choose from an ever-growing list of vacation options with the highest standards you've come to enjoy from the best resorts and hotels globally

From studios to 1, 2 or 3-bedroom villas, you can choose the size that fits your travel party and vacation plans.

Your NFT is uniquely yours. It belongs to your wallet and you can choose to do with it what you please. You may sell it on an open marketplace or auction it off.

If you intend to grow with us and pass it down to your loved ones to enjoy, you can do that too.

Owning an NFT is an experience in itself. Building a collection of Gravity Residence NFT tokens will last you a lifetime.

Purchase 12 monthly passes around the world and you will be travelling and living all year round for FREE.

Worried about getting bored of the same place year after year? Swap or sell your NFT for another available location. Or just hold onto the NFTs for great returns and ROI annually.

A 25-40% discount on all resort expenditures globally.
Gain access to a plethora of guided tours, special services, special resorts & residences globally.

Interested in learning more about Staynex?

For more information and to learn more about our offering, start your journey here.