Rewarding Timeshare (RTS) NFT Benefits

Profit Sharing & 15% Per Year Expected Return*

RTS-NFT holders can enjoy a guaranteed minimum 10% return for first 2 years, and 15% Expected Average Return per year over 30 Years, (15,000USDT return in total) RTS-NFT holder can breakeven this investment in 7 years with Auction nominal price at 3,333 USDT.

Staying right & VIP package

Each RTS-NFT represents a day on the calendar! RTS-NFT holders can obtain a corresponding staying right as well as VIP package (on that day) for 30 years. The total value of Kunang Kunang RTS-NFT's staying right and VIP package over 30 years is more than 9600 USD.

Easy to Trade and Share

RTS-NFT holders can easily trade their RTS-NFTs anytime on marketplaces based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You can also send the RTS-NFT to someone you value as a gift, or even let that special person stay in Kunang Kunang on your RTS-NFT’s entitled night!

What is Rewarding Timeshare NFT (RTS-NFT)?

RTS-NFT is a rewarding timeshare non-fungible token created by LABS Group. It revolutionizes timeshares by fixing its most critical pain points with a series of benefits for RTS-NFT holders. 1095 RTS-NFTs will be issued in total and this will jointly represent the 100% profit sharing of the resort, other rights and benefits for an entire 30 years.


Special Days For Special Memories


Resort Naming Right

Leonidha Zhezha
Leonidha Zhezha

Halloween – October 31

Leonidha Zhezha
Leonidha Zhezha
Leonidha Zhezha
Leonidha Zhezha

Don't Miss Out & Win 200 USDT Now!

Be one of the first 100 bidders to Win a 200 USDT Rebate by being the first person to place ANY FIRST BID on our Kunang Kunang RTS-NFT Auction! Rebates will be sent directly to the winners' sending wallet address.

Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort​

Imagine a resort that is surrounded by the most natural landscape, a place where you can experience luxury at its best. The mastermind behind the glorious masterpiece is Gravity Resort's architect, Mr. Willy Sandy Ekaputra, who took special care in preserving nature during the resort’s development.

Top Tips before Investing into the RTS-NFT

Rewarding Timeshare NFT

There will be 1095 RTS-NFTs issued in total and this will jointly represent the 100% profit sharing of the property and other rights and benefits for an entire 30 years.

RTS-NFT Holder Rights

RTS-NFT holders can enjoy a number of rights including staying right, trading right, voting right, swapping right and more.

Profit Sharing Backed Rewards

Actual profit-backed rewards of the property generated from its resort operations, this alone would disrupt the traditional timeshare.

No Liability Risks

RTS-NFT holders are not liable to the property’s operational and financial liabilities, whereas investors are liable in traditional timeshares.

Project Fees

The management fee is based on the profit (20%) of the resort operations. There will be NO management fees charged for running the RTS-NFT administration for the entire project life.

Valuation Report

Due diligence process has been completed with the engagement of AFFA legal services (Indonesia) and GCA Professional Services (Hong Kong), which includes land search, valuation report, site visit and feasibility report.


Ever wanted to name an entire resort? Well now you can with this NFT that gives the holder the right to name the resort, and on top of that – a staying benefit of 10 days per year!

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